We are Loly and Flavio:

Loly was born in the city of silver and dancing tango is her passion, she is the granddaughter of Guarani and Spaniards and beyond the fact that we did almost the entire complex together, she is in charge of the decoration. Flavio was born in Río Negro, he is dedicated to rugby, and currently builds cabins, his passion is getting together with friends and he is the grandson of Mapuches and Germans…

The why

After a few years, we began to feel the need to get closer to nature and the choices of our destinations took greener courses, to places where we could hear the birds, observe the animals and enjoy them, being so that after visiting several destinations in the interior where we were looking for that; the peace that comes from walking along a path of dry leaves, or the dream that the fresh air offers after walking all day through the forest or walking along the riverbank or simply sitting down to watch sunrises or sunsets, which accompanied dinners, talks and all the freedom that is felt in rural areas, where the wildness of the countryside is still, contrasts with the outstretched hand of its inhabitants, who always have at hand a wise phrase built on nobility and based on simplicity, where any excuse invites you to share … that is how we began to convince ourselves that this was the life we ​​once had as children and that we had left it hidden somewhere in the city; we noticed the fervent need for the horizon of our eyes to no longer be cement, for the heat to be from firewood, to feel perfume that enhances the dew on the plants and we said to ourselves… why don’t we try to make ourselves a little house in the country to weekends.


We say that we should give some name to this dream that was beginning to take shape. There weren’t many options, we decided pretty quickly. It had to be something that somehow identified us.

Ancestrally there is a rogation, or ceremony performed by the Mapuche people (one of our native peoples) which consists of some rites and dances, called Camaruco, my grandmother is Mapuche, so as a tribute I proposed Camaruco. My wife, Loly, is a tango dancer, and she said, let's make a mix of the two dances, which will identify both us and the territory in Gral. Here then is the origin of Camaruco & Tango.