South Coastal Park

The district of Punta Indio includes five localities, among them, Verónica, which is the head of the district, and four small towns including Punta del Indio. We are located in the estuary of the Rio de la Plata, in the San Borombom Bay, where the Rio de la Plata flows into the Atlantic Ocean.


What to do at Punta Indio?

It is an ideal place for hiking, bird watching, star gazing, tracking, cycling, fishing and sports such as kite surfing, wind surfing, night canoeing, kayaking, horseback riding, etc. Punta Indio has a varied gastronomy, ranging from homemade pasta, beer, bread, etc.. to roasts in the clay oven, grill, river and sea fish, and a variety of homemade sweets, also in terms of recreation there are during the year some festivals of great attendance, such as the mud festival, carnival, anniversary of the town, and the festival of the butterfly! where in addition to typical and traditional food court we can find a variety of vegan and vegetarian foods, to highlight also here you can visit the mushroom farm where mushrooms are produced, of various types, such as mushrooms and portobellos, on the other hand there are two recommended walks that are to the iron sculptures of the two Indians, guardians of the bay.